so you want to straighten your hair?


A lot of people think once you go natural, you can never straighten your hair again. And, while excessive heat is bad for your hair, especially if you're trying to wear it curly, I still love a good straight style. I've learned, you have to wear your hair in the state you want it to be in - if you continuously straighten your hair, your curls won't shine through! I straighten my hair one to two times a year, and have a process for it. I always do it myself at home, because I'm afraid of all the heat salons use. My process and some of the products I use are below:

  1. First, I wash, condition, and detangle my hair in the shower, and then deep condition for a couple of hours or overnight. 

  2. When I wash out the conditioner, I make sure its ALL out, then towel dry my hair with my deva curl towel. You can also use a cotton t-shirt. This helps reduce frizz and is gentler than a regular towel on your hair. 

  3. Next, I section out my hair and apply my heat protectant. Below I have the products I use. I spray the Beyond the Zone Turn Up the Heat spray first, then apply a tiny amount of the Chi Silk Infusion Serum. I use a wide tooth comb to make sure my hair stays detangled.

  4. Then, I use the round brush to begin blow drying. You can blow dry on whatever speed/heat level you want. I switch between high and warm heat, high and low speed. In my opinion, the key to great straight hair, is a great blow dry. I use the round brush more so for my roots, then use the wider brush with vents for the rest of my hair. I repeat this process until my whole head is dry. 

  5. Next, I straighten my hair with my flat iron. My flat iron doesn't get super hot (the brand is Plugged In) and I don't put it on high. Since I make sure to blow dry my hair really well, flat ironing is more of a smoothing process. I section my hair into four part around my head, then make smaller sections within those sections. I use my rat tail comb to make sure each section is smooth. I pass the flat iron about two times, and curl/bump my ends slightly (I don't like perfectly straight hair). I repeat this process until my whole head is straight.

  6. Finally, I wrap my hair. I think the key to great straight hair, is a super tight wrap at night. I use a men's wave cap to keep my hair tight, then wrap a satin scarf around that. 

Straight hair can last up to 2 weeks for me, but I always end up giving in and missing my curls. Going back to my curls is super simple! See below:

  1. First, I get in the shower and wash my hair. After wearing my hair straight for a few days, my hair gets oily, so I need to shampoo and no co-wash.

  2. Next, I deep condition overnight. Below, you'll see some of my favorite deep conditioners. The Palmers Deep Conditioning Protein Pack is my favorite after wearing my hair straight. 

  3. In the morning, I rinse out the conditioner and either do a wash and go, or another style! Its that easy!